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•   Lawrence Rand  6/10
•   Dick Minors  6/2
•   Art Novak (Novak)  5/22
•   Aviva Stearns (Suppo)  5/11
•   Jackilynn Brutzkus (Ezra)  4/27
•   Gail Baron (Wiser)  3/28
•   Kathy Neuman (Morgan)  3/27
•   Judith Brickman (Epstein)  3/26
•   Marlene Weinberg (Leavitt)  2/25
•   William Chapman  2/12
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•   Alex Elliott  2024
•   Mike Witzel  2024
•   Rhonda Gross (Arndt)  2020
•   Mark Brown  2023
•   Mel Fisher  2022
•   Sheila Dribin (Stogol)  2022
•   Scott Rome  2022
•   David McQueen  2022
•   Lynn Miller (Brosious)  2021
•   Leonard Steinborn  2021
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Niles East High School
Class Of 1964


 May you and your loved ones be in good health and stay safe

This Website exists for YOU! If you would like to leave a message, or share a thought, on any topic, with the class, just click on Contact Admins to do so. (The message goes exclusively to the Website administrators who will place it on Our Bulletin Board.) If you would like to leave a message with a classmate, or mates, read on to learn how to do it.


Our Website exists to enable communication between, and among, the Class of '64, our classmates, individually, or as a whole. While we created the Website primarily as a place from which we could provide information for upcoming reunions, over the years it's become much more. Daily notices inform us of birthdays. They also let us know if we have lost someone, or changes have been made to the Website. Most important, the Website allows you to communicate directly to your classmates. The various features of the Website that enable you to contact any of us, some of us, or all of us, are described below.

Personal Information 

Before we talk about the communications tools available to you, we'd liked to talk about the information you provided us when you joined the Website. This information is what enables us to continue to communicate with you. 

When each of you joined the Website, you provided us with personal information, names, addresses, telephone numbers, etc., that was confidential then, continues to be confidential, and will remain confidential. As part of joining the Website, each of you received a Profile Page, providing a place to display personal information you decide to share with classmates. Such information is available only to classmates who have joined the site, and only such classmates. 

We ask each of you to make sure your contact information (confidential) is current (click on the Edit Contact Info link) and to check the information (available solely to registered classmates) on your Profile Page (click on the Edit Profile link). For example, take a look at the information about  grandchildren. You may have more of them now than when you joined the Website. They certainly are older. (Maybe there are great-grandchildren in the picture now, too.) We suggest you provide the year of birth, rather than your grandchild's age on the day you typed the information.

Information to Classmates

Our Website provides the tools to get in touch with classmates, whether one-to-one, or in groups. Here are the ways to do it. 

1. You can "talk" to someone one-on-one or one-to-more-than-one, by clicking the "Message Center" link located in the left margin of each page of the Website. Once there, follow the directions, select the recipient(s), write your message and send it.

2. You can talk to someone one-on-one by sending a private message. A "Send ________ a private message" link appears on each Profile page. Your message will automatically include your email address, enabling (but not requiring) your friend to reply.

Remember, everything you put on a Profile page, whether your own, or someone else's, such as your email address, or telephone number, or on an In Memory page, is visible to each Website member. 

3. In addition to the "Send ________ a private message" link, each Profile page also permits you to send messages to the owner of the page by using the "POST A COMMENT on ________'s  Profile" link*. Remember, personal information included in any message sent on a Profile page is visible to all Website members.  

4. Each In Memory page has a "Post Comment" link. You can use the "Post Comment" link to write your own message. Remember, anything you write on an In Memory page is visible to all Website members.

5.  You can also talk to the class by using the "Post Announcement" link. Each message written under the Post Announcement link will be reviewed by the Webmasters, and the announcement, along with your name and the date of the announcement, will be placed on the "Our Bulletin Board" page. Messages from seasonal greetings, to charitable fundraisers, to invitations to East/West summer get togethers have been put on Our Bulletin Board

6. You can also use your own Profile page to place photos or videos.

If there is something you want to post, but don't know where to put it, let us know. It's very possible we can be of assistance.

We may be able to help you get in touch with a classmate who is not a member of the Website. Use Contact Admins to let us know and we will work with you.   

By the way, is there anything you would like us to do with, or you would like to see on, this Website? You can always Contact the Admins.

Barry Levinsky Webmaster
Rick Streicher Ass't Webmaster