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•   Valerie Spiegel (Templeton)  12/10
•   Richard Weiss  11/25
•   Aviva Stearns (Suppo)  11/23
•   Barry Rosnick  11/9
•   Bonnie Berlin (Davis)  11/6
•   Barry Levinsky  10/24
•   Mark Nahin  10/20
•   Gordon Swidler  10/16
•   Ruth Kirman (Garte)  10/15
•   Melody Heche (Vydas)  10/7
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Niles East High School
Class Of 1964





Hello Classmates and Friends,

As 2016 ends, and 2017 begins, we'd like to share some thoughts. 2016 has been an exciting, monumental and surprising year for most, if not all, of us. The great majority of us turned 70 in 2016. 70? Yes, 70! We not only survived the experience, but look forward with anticipation. The Cubs won the world series? Yes, really, their first in 108 years. We know we lost five of our classmates. There was a national election, with profound impact, one way or another, on all of us. If nothing else, 2016 proves anything can happen, so we wish a happy 2017 filled only with happy surprises.

From its inception, the Class Website has been about communication. Its capabilities have evolved from solely as a place to get updates about the next reunion. The Website regularly delivers notices to the class, including birthday announcements, obituary announcements, new messages on Profile and In Memory pages and on Our Bulletin Board.

More important than what the Website sends to you is how the Website empowers you to communicate to from one person to the entire class. Here's how it's done. 

You too can communicate with each other and with us. How?

  1. You can talk to people one-on-one by using the "Message Center" feature, accessible under the Member Function heading located in the left margin of each page of the Website.
  2. You can talk to people one-on-one by sending a private message. A "Send a private message" link appears on each Profile page.
  3. Everything you put on a Profile page (whether yours or someone else's), or on an In Memory page, is visible to the entire class. To use your own Profile page to "speak", use the space under the heading "Post a Comment on Your Profile". To write on someone else's Profile page, use the space under the "Post a Comment" heading. To write on an In Memory page, use the space under the "Post Comment" heading. When you make a comment, the Website will send an email that something has been added to the page on which you wrote. That email will provide a link to the page you used, but not identify you. Remember, comments you make on a Profile or In Memory page will identify you and are visible to anyone who visits that page. We strongly recommend that you do not leave such information as your email or street address, or your telephone number in a comment. If you want to give your email address to someone, use the Message Center (see, item 1, above) or the send a Private Message (see, item 2, above) features of the Website. Now is a great time to Post a Comment on Your Profile.
  4. You can also talk to the class by using the "Post Announcement" link under the "Member Functions" heading. The announcement, along with your name and the date of the announcement, will be placed on the "Our Bulletin Board" page. Now is a great time to use the Post Announcement function in order to use Our Bulletin Board to convey holiday wishes. Check out the "Party On Trojans" page (the link is a fly-out of the Our Bulletin Board link) to see an example of how we can help you promote a party (any time of year). 
  5. You can also use your own Profile page to place photos or videos, or revise or expand the kind of information that goes on your Profile page. Your grandchild who was 4 years old when you joined the site is now 6 or 7, and you can even post photos of the birthday party. If there is something you want to post, but can't see where to put it, let us know and it's very possible we can be of assistance.

We may be able to help you get in touch with a classmate who is not a member of the Website. Use Contact Us to let us know and we will work with you.

By the way, is there anything you would like us to do with, or you would like to see on, this Website? You can always Contact Us.

Barry Levinsky Webmaster
Rick Streicher Ass't Webmaster